MY JOURNEY PART 2 – I Continued To Struggle


Thanks for joining me as we continue My Journey. 

I hope you read the first part of My Journey, if not, then I invited you to read it first.

To briefly recap, you’ll remember that after I retired in 2008, my wife and I returned to the US from living overseas for several years.

We became full-time RVers.   After the “recession” in 2008, I decided to enter the Internet Marketing scene because it would fit into our mobile lifestyle.

As I looked for a niche to fit into, I fell into the SOS, Shiny Object Syndrome, and yes, I really did need help.

One of the problems with SOS is that it not only costs time, effort and money, but it keeps you distracted. 

In a coherent moment, I realized that I was basically in the same place I was before I started the journey.  I felt really frustrated that I spent all that time and money but hadn’t moved any closer to my goal, I had not yet made any money.

I’m sorry to say that I continued on this road for many years.

I feel that I must tell you that it wasn’t all bad.  I met some fantastic people who taught me a lot.  These are folks that I returned to after realizing that I once again traveling the SOS road.



That is one of the keys to this business.  

Find someone who is a member of  what I call, “THE MORAL MARKETERS ASSOCIATION (MMA)

These are folks who sincerely want to help you succeed.  They will teach you the proper way to go about building your business.  Helping people is one of their main concerns.  They are willing to let you watch over their shoulder as they teach you how they’ve had success.

As I reflect on my journey, I realize that SOS was not the only thing that kept me from success.  I briefly touched on it in my first post, My Journey   It is closely related to and a result of SOS.  I was NOT FOCUSED and not concentrated on my goal which resulted in me NOT TAkING MASSIVE ACTION.  While jumping from one shiny object to another, I didn’t have time to stay on track and take massive action doing what produces results.

You see, SOS combined with not taking action is like a one-two punch.  While the shiny objects kept me distracted and moving from one thing to another, it kept me from taking the actions required to move me along the road to success.

I should have known better because I had heard many times about the danger of SOS and the need to take massive actions.  However, I just couldn’t seem to cure myself of SOS, it was like I was hooked on it.

You see, while I was staying busy, I was not doing the things necessary to move me to reach my goal.  I thought I was working hard, but all that “work” was actually keeping me from moving towards my goal.

That being said, there were times that I was actually doing things that were productive and moving me forward.  However, I was NOT CONSISTENT in doing the things that moved me towards my goal.

So let’s do a little review of what was holding me back.

  • Shiny Object Syndrome 
  • Not Focused                       
  • Not Consistent           


Now then, I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that if you Stay Focused and Consistent you can avoid SOS.

In my next post, I’ll share some ways to avoid SOS, and Stay Focused and be Consistent.

Peace and Success,

Preston Hatchell

PS:  Want to see how to avoid SOS?

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