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I am reviving this blog with a brand new story, or I should say a brand new post about an old story. I’d like to share with you my journey working, or attempting to work, in the Online Internet Marketing business.


My complete journey, will not be told in this one post. In fact, my journey will be a continuing topic in this blog.

Once I’ve shared how I got started, I’ll continue to share my current journey and tell what I’m doing that is working now. Before I continue, I need you to understand that there is NO magic system, platform, program or product that will pay you for doing nothing. If you’re going to make it in this business, you will need to have a great unwavering passion and reason for your WHY.

You must be willing to dedicate your time and, and yes, resources, to make it work. OK, enough of that for now, I’ll share later about what I’ve found that works in today’s world. So, let’s get started.

As I’ve been listening to those who came before me, my story, while unique to me, is similar in many ways to a whole lot of other entrepreneurs trying to make in this online world.

I began my journey in 2008, shortly after I retired from the US Department of State with over 37 years of Federal service. After our retirement, we, (my wife and I), returned to the United States after serving overseas in 6 countries around the world.

We sold our home just before we went to our first overseas assignment, so since we didn’t have a home to return to, we decided to buy a motorhome and travel the US.

You may recall that 2008 was the year that to lots of people in the US that the bottom dropped out of the financial bucket. Lots of folks lost a good share of their retirement and prices soared.

It didn’t take me long to see that I needed to supplement my US State Department’s annuity. I started looking around and decided that with our new lifestyle as full-time RVers, working online might be a good fit.

I began searching the web to see what I might be able to do online and remain mobile.  Well, there seemed to a lot of opportunities that all promised a way to make money online. So I began my online business journey.

Since this was all new to me, I looked for programs and mentors to guide me through the process of starting my online business and headed towards making money.

I joined membership training sites, Network Marketing opportunities, social media sites and lots of programs and software, all promising they would make me money, “FAST”. Just what I needed.

I could hardly wait for the cash to start flowing in.

When it didn’t, I looked for and jumped into something else. When that one didn’t work, I went looking for advice on what to look for next. Sure enough, there were plenty of other programs and opportunities available.

I didn’t realize it then but I was caught in the dreaded “Shiny Object Syndrome” (SOS). 

Have you heard of it?

Perhaps you too are caught up in it.

Perhaps you, like me, don’t even realize you are.


I want to just say, that everything on the web is not a scheme just to take our money.

Some of the training programs taught me a lot about:

  • Working on the internet.
  • How to set up websites.
  • How to use such programs and platforms like Word Press and email platforms to capture subscribers.
  • Build a list and send out emails.
  • Video creation tools.
  • Video and image editing tools.
  • Even some HTML code.
  • SEO.

That being said, I had, and still, struggle with the shiny object syndrome (SOS}. 

I heard not long ago, someone compare the shiny object syndrome to being addicted to alcohol or drugs.

I don’t know about all that, but what I do know, is that if you don’t stay focused and keep your eye on the goal, we all can be easily distracted.



Along with the SOS comes the danger of signing up for subscriptions or memberships.  That is, agreeing to pay on a recurring basis, usually monthly or yearly for services and/or the right to continue to use software or services.

Yea, you guessed it.  SOS has cost me a LOT of time, effort and money. 

I should have realized it way back when that SOS is the international sign for HELP!

So, I’ve briefly taken you through part of My Journey. 

It is my intention to help you avoid SOS and other mistakes I’ve made by giving you some ideas of what really works.

This post is getting too long, so I’m going to continue My Journey in the next post.

Peace and Success,

Preston Hatchell

PS:  Go Read My Journey Part 2 NOW!

Do you have your own online business, or want to start one?

Have you or are you now caught up in SOS?

HELP is on the way

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