In my last post, we talked about how Social Distancing, Self Isolation and being Quarantined might affect our emotional well being.

Our society has steadily turned towards being very social and mobile in our daily lives.  With the pandemic of Covid-19 AKA the Corona Virus, we have had to take extreme measures to lessen our chances of catching it.  As we all know, that means that we may feel cut off from our family, friends, going to work and even going out to eat or enjoy a new movie.

For many, being confined at home means we may not catch Covid-19, but we can catch Cabin Fever.

I mentioned in my last post several ways to stay connected in this day and age of mobile devices and computers.

I told you about a software platform called ZOOM   

You may have some experience with ZOOM if you attend and watch online webinars.  Many businesses are using ZOOM regularly for webinars and providing training.  It seems that ZOOM is becoming more popular all the time.

I think that some companies have even moved from the “old standard” video conferencing tool to ZOOM.

Why would they abandon their tried and true platform and move to ZOOM?

I’m glad you asked.

I believe that ZOOM has all the functionality of the “old standard”, but is way cheaper.

I know what you may be thinking. 

  1. So why should I be interested in a program that businesses use for webinars and training?
  2. I’ll bet it’s expensive!
  3. It’s probably hard to learn and use.

Let me address each of those concerns. 

  1.  While this is a great tool for business, it’s also a great tool for you,  an individual.  You can use ZOOM to have face to face conversations and visits with your family and friends.  The cool thins is, you can invite multiple people to visit with.  Each person can choose to be on camera or not, but still be an active participant.  All it takes is for each participant to have or be with someone who has a computer or mobile device connected to the internet.  Nothing has to be downloaded or installed, the moderator simply sends a URL/web address to everyone so they can attend.
  2. How does FREE sound?  Yep, ZOOM offers a FREE plan.
  3. Actually, it’s very easy to learn and use!

And that brings us to what I said in the title about a FREE TRAINING COURSE.

My company, New Beginnings, is offering for a limited time, FREE access to one of our video training courses that will soon be part of our modestly priced learning center.

The ZOOM course has 40 video lessons, all about different aspects of using the ZOOM platform.

Yes, it was created with business owners in mind, however, many of the videos are valuable to private users.

No, this is not an affiliate offer for me to make a commission on.  I am not an affiliate or partner of ZOOM.  I will not make anything from ZOOM if you decide to sign up.  My motive is that some take this opportunity and it will help ease their stress and feelings of cabin fever.

If you’d like my FREE ZOOM Course register here, CLICK HERE>>

If you want to check out ZOOM, CLICK HERE>>

Go break the cabin fever!


Preston Hatchell


PS:  Important UPDATE:  ZOOM has made several updates to meet the demand for these uncertain times.  For all who get my course, I will be providing updated training.



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