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I’d like to meet you, I’m Preston Hatchell.

I retired from the US State Department in 2008 after 37 years of service and have been working in Internet Marketing and Information Marketing since retiring.

I truly understand and sympathizes with business owners and their challenges in starting and building their business because I feel the pain this industry throws at you.

My story is not much different than many who decide to build a business online.  I have experienced the popular and dreaded “Shiny New Object” syndrome.  I will tell you that I spent far too much money and time going from one system to the next without results.

I spent a lot of time, money and effort joining one program after another hoping to grab that golden ring that would make my business successful.

However, along the way, I have gained a lot of knowledge, tools, and experience that I am more than willing to share with business owners struggling to build or grow their business.  I have learned a lot about building a website, creating videos, setting up and producing blogs, properly using Social Media for marketing and working with some of the top leaders in the industry.

Advice that I would like to share with other business owners:

One thing I’ve learned, and want others to understand is that success is not all about making money.  It’s about helping others!


I found that the best way to learn is by finding someone who has been down the road and is willing to share that experience with others.


Stay Focused!  Choose a direction you want to go and stay focused on it until you’ve mastered it; DON’T jump from one program/system to another.


The key to success is simple, just take action.  When you learn a skill, put it to work, don’t wait until you are an expert at it, because that time may never come.


Be up front and personal with those you work with.  Be honest and helpful, but don’t do all the work for them.


Become a member of the MMA; Moral Marketers Association.


If you were to ask me if I felt like I have arrived, I’d probably say something like:

No, I am learning, growing and expanding my knowledge and abilities all the time .  I think that when you begin to feel like you’ve arrived, is when you begin to become less effective.


I’d like to be able to help others see their own potential and help them avoid some of the common pitfalls.


I will share informative posts, tools, and programs on this site.  I’d be the first to tell you that many of the tools I will share may be through affiliate links for the products that I own and use.  While my main interest is helping others, I also use this site as part of my business.

Thank YOU for visiting my site.  Let me help you smooth your journey.


Peace and Success,